Motivating toddlers

By Devan Patel

We all know motivating kids is important and extra motivating boosts like Kred Rewards make a big difference. But what about toddlers? They may be a little young to get excited about Kred Rewards’ curated kids catalog, but I’ve discovered that external motivation still works on two year olds!

We are starting the wet and wonderful journey of potty training our toddler. While she seems ready to start (understands commands, provides feedback), she just didn’t seem that interested in sitting on the potty. Why? In her words, it was “booooooooooooooring.” So what now?

A few months ago, I remember playing a game with her I called “horse trading” where I literally traded a toy horse for a non-toy I didn’t want her to play with. This worked like a charm, so I knew she was ready for optimizing her decision making. Really – it’s amazing toddlers learn this even before potty training!

So the next time I asked her to come to the potty and she demurred, I whispered, “If you go to the potty, you’ll get a special treat!” Just as quickly she retorted “What special treat?” I was ready with my saccharine  response – “You’ll get an M&M!” 

“I love M&M’s!” – and a toddler-tested external motivator was successfully executed. Who knew a single chocolate orb enrobed in a candy coated shell would be the difference between a pee-soaked sofa and a successful start to potty training.

The best part is that eventually we were able to wean her off of M&M’s as she saw the value of going potty for herself along with the positive affirmation we gave her. That’s the beauty of external motivation, it helps kickstart kids to start positive behavior instead of kicking and screaming about it. Eventually they learn the value of the positive behavior on their own, and we as parents can move on to the next behavior to motivate. That’s also the power of Kred Rewards. With its customizable behaviors that lead to tailored rewards kids love, you’ll have an extra boost to motivate your kids. The rewards are also curated to make parents and kids happy. For my toddler, first stop potty training, next stop Kred Rewards!


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