Free rewards by grade level

When it comes to rewarding students, it can be difficult to know what works and what doesn’t. After all, if the rewards don’t excite then the incentive won’t be effective to get the effort you are looking for. To help out, we put together a list of some of the most effective rewards at each level of school. Check it out!


  • Line leader
  • Get extra stickers
  • Draw on whiteboard / chalkboard
  • Lunch with a teacher or staff
  • Take home a class book
  • Make a teacher dance during an assembly
  • Free snack
  • Help a staff member (not your teacher)
  • Morning announcements
  • Teacher’s helper for the day
  • Pick your own class job
  • Principal hang-out session
  • Free art-time during class
  • Take a walk around school with an adult
  • Keep a stuffed animal at the desk
  • Play a game during class
  • 5-minute chat break with a friend
  • Watch a movie instead of recess
  • Borrow a sports item during recess


  • Be a helper for younger kids (great for K-8s)
  • Special lunch for you and a friend
  • Extra time at lunch with 2 friends
  • Free homework pass
  • Move seats / sit where you want today
  • 15 minute brain break
  • 15 minute tech break
  • Listen to music while you work
  • Library pass during 1 period
  • Free notebook and pencil
  • Take home a library book
  • Get a snack
  • Win a class party
  • Borrow a sports item for the evening or weekend
  • Get a different assignment for 1 class
  • Make a teacher dance during an assembly
  • Morning announcements
  • Teacher to give 1 freebie answer on a quiz


  • Jeans day (for uniform schools)
  • Late homework pass
  • Move seats / sit where you want today
  • Nap time / dark and quiet time
  • Free tech time
  • Teacher’s chair or special seat (e.g., yoga ball)
  • Positive note to parents
  • Listen to music while you work (timed)
  • Get a mentor (staff in school)
  • Job recommendation letter
  • Free job-hunting and application practice with teacher
  • Free entrance to a dance or event
  • Leave class 5 minutes early
  • Morning announcements
  • Sit at score table during sports game
  • Special parking pass for the day
  • Use school fridge for your lunch
  • Principal for the day

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