School-wide Positive Behavior Incentives

Why Kred Rewards?


Unlike others, we
believe in the
autonomy of
students to manage
their own behavior.

10 min set-up

We are not a clunky
program. 10 min setup and get started
with the work!


With challenges, games
and other features, we
engage students in
grade-level material


From 504 Plans, IEPs, RTI
or other student-based
supports, we provide all
the reporting you need

1 in 2 kids will suffer from an anxiety,
behavioral or a substance abuse
issue by the time they are 18.
- NIMH 2018

We can change this.

How it Works

Students track
their skills &
behavior in-app

School staff reward
kids with points in

Students redeem
points in an online
school store


We charge a low fee of $5/student/year. No hidden fees.

Our product requires no additional services and comes with free implementation support and up to 3 professional development virtual seminars for staff.