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Kred Rewards

Skill-building and rewards

Positive Parenting & PBIS-based
Free for Parents and Teachers

Parents & Guardians

Give allowances for building skills and positive choices.


Create a classroom economy with points & rewards


School-wide PBIS incentives
with reporting


Get rewarded for building skills & making positive choices

1st online marketplace for kids where the currency is positive behavior

For Parent-Kid Accounts Only

  • Curated - Personalized - Unique
  • Safe - Age-Appropriate - Transparent
  • Games - Codes - Challenges



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How it works

All users get skill-building and rewards

The difference between home and school is that parents pay their kids a monetary allowance and teacher use non-monetary points.

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Our Kred

Download Kred Rewards

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the research behind Kred?

Supporting kids through positive reinforcement and incentives can be traced back to Bowlby's attachment theory (1969) and Skinner's Operant Conditioning. We focus on the evidence-based work from Jane Nelson on Positive Parenting and Positive Behavior Intervention Support used in over 40% of US schools. It focuses on supporting kids build competence through skills, giving them autonomy to control their lives and positive attention to build relationships (also known as self-determination theory).
Check out our blog to learn more!

Can kids add other adults?

Yes! Kids can add any trusted adult who is willing to support their skill development. All trusted adults (parents and teachers) can see which adults are connected to their kids.

Is it free?

Kids, parents and teachers use our service free of charge. When a parent transfers an allowance, the full amount gets to their kids. We do charge a small subscription fee for schools.

I'm a teacher, how do I start?

Easy! Download the app, set up your classroom rewards and give your students your code. They can register online or download the app to register and get connected.

I've seen similar apps in schools, what's different about Kred?

2 main things. First, we give kids autonomy to build and track their own skills. This is not meant to be adult-led. Second, we have built out a rewards catalog that is constantly updated so adults don't need to worry about what rewards their kids should get.